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To meet customers with quality, to pursue excellence with practicality, to develop the future with innovation.

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As a professional manufacturer of temperature and humidity monitoring products, Elitech data loggers are widely used in Food (Produce, Meat and Poultry, Flower, Seafood, Dairy), Life Science (Hospitals and Blood, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Trials, Vaccines) and industrial.

Life Science

Vaccine, blood, pharmaceutical and biological must keep optimal temperature and humidity in the supply chain. Medicine will lose effect if placed in an environment higher or lower than optimal temperature and humidity, if not,it will cause personal safety problems.

Elitech provides management and storage solutions of pharmaceuticals in the whole cold chain.


As foods and flowers are easy to be perishable , To keep the quality and freshness of them,they need to be kept in proper temperature from the day they are picked.

Elitech provides various data loggers to meet clients’ needs in monitoring the temperature of the whole cold chain.


Temperature data loggers are widely used in the oversea shipments,most products in the containers need to monitor temperatures. Elitech will provide management and shipping products temperature monitoring solutions for your products overseas shipping.

Why Elitech Temperature Monitoring

Elitech data loggers are trusted by many top brands in the global market,just check why and welcome to be our next partner

Reliable and Stable Quality
In 2006, we built a professional test laboratory with $1,500,000 .Elitech will make destructive test every data logger components and low rate initial production before we send to our partners.
Tailor Made for Special Needs
With over 100 hardware, software, cloud platform and test engineers, Elitech can quickly provide best solutions for customers’ ODM and OEM demands.
Data Stored in Cloud,convenient for query & trace

Real-time data can be uploaded to cloud and generate data report for analysis.

20 years data loggers manufacturing experience

We can satisfy key customers’ quick delivery demands by effectively improving product quality, reducing cost and keeping enough daily output.

We are ready to support and service.






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